Hows everyone? New here. Just joined (obviously).

Been playing DDR since beginning of July. Actually my wife got me into it. I got Max and a pad for her bday and she got me into it. Now I cant stop! I've been playing since July and i'm starting to play in Heavy/Maniac mode. Currently own Konamix, Max, Max2. Play Extreme in the arcades fairly often.

Dont have a fav song. Too many to choose from i'd say!

My names Jason. More info on my journal info page/stuff/thing :D

I got Max 2 about a week ago and me and my wife got everything on it about 2 days ago. Hehe..were ddrfreaks (obviously).

I think the best I can do is Max Combo Spin the Disc on Maniac/Heavy. I know thats not much compared to the vets but its good enough for me. :)

Well c-you guys around.
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Red Spot


So I have been playing DDR for about a year and half now. I can finally do about 7 feet and I figure its about dam time I buy this game. There is no local arcade that has it and although I have plenty of friends who have it this does not satiate my addiction. Hence I want to acquire my own.

Recently I have learned of a way to play via computer by way of a USB adaptor for the pads. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to buy these (on-line preferably) adaptors? I am also in the market for Ignition pads, so if anyone knows of a decent place to get one or both of these that would be cool beans. As of now I search ebay for the pads, but the USB adaptor is somewhat difficult to find.
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me tooo~!

What can I say? I'm horribly addicted? So I figured I would join ^___^!
So yeah o_o Aloha~! *waves*
I suppose I should say something about myself! I've been playing for almost a year and a half now and mostly play all 9/10 footers on maniac~ I've only entered 2 tournie's but I got first place in one of them so yay? =D lol, anyways. No more rambles!
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able to play again

well here is the story i had major knee surgery on the 6th of march and well on the 22nd i was out playing ddr, i had extensor mechanism reconstruction which basicly means the moved thendons and mucles around and then screwed them into place to help my knee cap trac right. so i have a screw in there and they told me it be a year before i could play ddr again but i wouldnt let go like that i went and played standard on singles and light on doubles sat. so i think it is safe to say my docs were wrong and DDR helps heal all the pain of surgery go away.
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Mortal Kombat


I have a question in 2 parts.. I hope that this makes sense.. It's just wondering your personal opinions on this matter. I decided to make a poll just because it seems so much easier.. Please post any extra comments you deem necessary.

Poll #108517 DDR Options

Which looks better to fellow DDR Players?

All normal settings
1.5x, Boost on, Hiddden, Dark, Reverse (if the player can do this)

Which looks better to outsiders that don't know the game?

All normal settings
1.5x, Boost on, Hiddden, Dark, Reverse (if the player can do this)

I'm only asking this because I'm curious as to what you all think on this. I play some of my heavies (the ones I can do) on the 2nd setting but I'm just curious as to what you think looks better to people. On one hand you can see all the arrows and people on the outside are like (wow how the hell is he doing that).. On the other hand you can't really see the arrows and you're doing it well. It's all just an opinion but I'm curious. thx for your time.

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Mr. Freespirit as a weemii

(no subject)

Hi everyone, let me introduce you to my persona... Dollar Bill.

Dollar: Hello. I am one of the very few freestylers of New Jersey. I am not the best, but that was never part of my plan to begin with. Right now, I am still in hiding because I feel as if I have created a lot of enemies. I hope to return one day.
APH: Where did all you people come from?

Hello everyone. ^_^

Okiee, I figured this could be interesting, so I decided to sign up. Hi, all! *waves*

Hmmm... I might as well see how active these boards are by proposing a question. ^_-

Whats your favorite oni course and challenge stage?

I like Nearly 130, mainly because the songs are awesome. My favorite challenge stage has to be the Superstar Remix, because the steps are nice, and the music is just awesome..
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