Nick Metal (nick_metal) wrote in ddrfreaks,
Nick Metal

I now have 153 AA's Heres a pretty LJ Cut for those
.59, 1998, 321 stars, a, absolute, abyss, across the nightmare (heavy), afronova, afronova (nonstop), after the game of love, air, am3p(303 bass), am3p, (east mix), a stupid barber, aoi shoudou, bag, b4u, bru (b4zabeat), be lovin, burnin the floor(momo), butterfly, break down, candy star, candy heart, candy star doubles, CSFIL-SM-, CSFIL-SM- doubles, celebrate nite, colors, colors (oni), cowgirl, cutie chaser (mornign mix), cam dariram, dead end, drifting away, destiny lovers, dive to the night, do it right(harmonized), drop out, do you remember me, drop the bomb, dxy!, excstasy, exotic ethnic, freckles, frozen ray, genom screams, get up and move, ghosts, graduation, groove, heaven, heaven is a 57, happy wedding, healing vision, HVAM, holic, holic doubles, hysteria doubles, i do i do i do, if you were here, im gonna get you, im in the mood for dancing, irrestiblement, jam jam reggae, jane jana, jane jane doubles, jet world, keep on movin, kick the can, kind lady, la copa de la vida, last message, lets groove, little bitch (oni), living in america, look to the sky, look to the sky (tcm), llshine, llsugar, mahou no tobira, mahou no tobira doubles, max 300, midnite blaze, miracle moon, mobo moga, my summer love, my summer love (oni), my sweet darlin, nori3x, on the jazz, paranoia evo, paranoia kcet, paranoia kcet doubles, paranoia rebirth, pink rose, r3, remember you, rhythm and police, saints go marching, sakura, sakura (oni), sana morette ne ente, senorita, sexy planet (oni), silent hill (oni), sky high, so deep, so in love, spin the disc, sandstorm, sp trip machine, sync, sync oni, telephone operator, there youll be, the shingin polaris, tomorrow perfume, think ya better d, true (tsm), trip machine, twin bee, twilight zone, un duex trois, v(heavy), v(oni), waka laka, white lovers, wild rush, wild rush (oni), withch doctor, let the beat hit em, www.blonde girl, young forever, yozora no muko, hold on me, la bamba, mazimum overdrive, dr love, synchornized love, e-motion, oriion 78 ameuro, trip machine luv mix, the whistle song, speed over beethoven, take me away, busy child, love at first sight, radical faith, dream a dream, era, superstar, crash. And 1 AAA -Let teh beat hit em.

Who. That was tireing typing that out. Ok an um

I still have yet to pass PSMO, i got close today but Im tired so yeah. But theres the update.
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