Jessie (_0987654321) wrote in ddrfreaks,

Hey, I have two questions. Any comments would be appreciated.

1-I heard once that theres something you can buy so if you have more than one DDR game you can combine them and make all the songs go on one CD so you don't have to switch games. Kinda like the expansion packs on The Sims i guess, where you have all the shit from all the CDs in one place. if i'm getting confused with something else or if you have any idea what i'm talking about, please tell me where i can get/do this.

2-When I play DDR, it always says the memory card data was corrupted and i always have to play the game without any saves which is extremely annoying because i cant win any songs. if this has happened to anyone else, what did you do? i'm not sure if my memory card is broken or if its just on DDR because ive heard the memory cards can sometimes be a problem.

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