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Max 300 / Sakura Cont'd

Well thanks for the advice of those who gave it. I can now get half way through max 300 on standard before completely failing. I can play other songs on X2 speed just fine though.

However I have found out the problem. I can do the 4th notes just fine. and I can do 4th/8th/4th combos just fine with the exception of when those combos are lengthy. to which there are 2 sections of max 300 where that occurs.

The problem is, I cant get my legs to move that fast!!!!! Literally! I tried the song time and time again, and I do the 8th notes just fine but those long combos are too fast for my legs. I cant of a way to fix that other than to just keep doing it I guess.

I wouldnt mind it if I could fix the problem but I can only move "so" fast >.
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