October 10th, 2005


DDR Extreme 2 PS2 question

I own DDR Max 2 and the 2 Ultramix games. I'm basically a beginning standard dancer, (ie 95% of lights don't pose a challenge but I typically get C's and D's on Standard.) I'm using DDR to help me lose some weight as I'm 25 pounds overweight, so I like how Max 2 has the Non-Stop mode that I can customize my own non-stop songlist. I've been looking at DDR Extreme 2 for a bit, and I noticed that it has a non-stop mode but that you can't get it as easily as you could in Max 2. What I'm wondering is A: How hard/long does it take to unlock this mode, and B: Are you also able to make your own non-stop songlist? Thanks in advance.
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